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Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches the courses?

All video courses are delivered by Stephen Gruppetta, a former physicist and university lecturer who is now an author, educator, and thought leader in Python education.

How does the membership work? What's included?

When you become a member, either through monthly subscription or a one-time fee lifetime membership, your child will have access to all courses on the online learning platform instantly. This is a self-led set of courses, so the students can access the content at convenient times from anywhere.

Members have access to all the courses at all levels. Members can also attend any of the live workshops that are held from time to time.

Members who join through monthly subscription or lifetime membership have access to the same content. The only difference between the two options is how you pay for the membership.

Lifetime members have access forever.

Monthly subscribers can cancel their subscription anytime and they will have access until the end of their subscription.

How does the monthly subscription payment work?

When you choose the monthly subscription option, you'll be charged the monthly fee for the first month and your subscription will start immediately. Your payment method will be charged on the same day every month for the same monthly amount as your first payment until you cancel your subscription, which you can do anytime.


Once you cancel your subscription, you'll have access to the learning platform until the end of your current payment period at which point your subscription will end.


You can restart your subscription at a later date.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

To cancel your monthly subscription, log on to the learning platform, click on your profile menu item at the top of the page and choose My Account. You'll find your subscription in the Billing section where you'll be able to cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. No future payments will be charged once you cancel your subscription.

How does lifetime membership work?

When you choose to become a member through the one-time fee lifetime membership option, you'll only be charged once and you will have indefinite access to all the resources in Codetoday Unlimited. There are no recurring payments.

What do I need for the courses?

You can use any computer to work through the courses. You will need access to the internet to access the learning platform.

There are several options for your child to code. Some do not require any additional installation as they use web-based coding platforms. The recommended coding platform (optional) requires free software to be installed on your computer. Instruction and guidance are provided to assist with this.

We recommend you do not use tablets for coding but use a laptop or desktop computer. Coding on tablets can make the coding experience harder for students. If you are to use tablets, use an external keyboard. You should not use smart phones for this course.

Chromebooks can be used for these courses, however not all of the coding platform options suggested will be available for Chromebook users. Chromebook users will need to use the web-based coding platform. This won't affect the content of the course.

Can I learn for free?

The first levels are free for everyone and don't require any payment. Students who wish to access all the remaining levels and participate in the forum need to be members.

Do you offer courses in other coding languages besides Python?

No, and here's why. We believe that the most important aspect for a beginner learning to code is not learning the programming language but learning how to think in a computational way. In our courses, the emphasis is on this.


We choose Python as the language of instruction as this is the language best suited for beginners of any age. It is also a very broad language that can be used for many different applications.


Our advice is to first become confident and proficient in programming in one language, and then, if and when the need arises, students will find it relatively easy to switch to other languages at a later stage.

Do you have more information on the curriculum and how students progress through it?

Yes. We're very proud of our curriculum and its depth and breadth. You can read more in the course detail and curriculum page.

What is the intended age of the students?

This platform is designed for teenagers but younger children can also benefit and learn from it. There is no lower age limit but we do not recommend this platform for children below the age of 10.

Students must be under 18 to participate in the forum. We may ask for proof to confirm age for those participating in the forum.

For adults who want to learn to code in Python, please visit our sister site The Python Coding Place.

What about safeguarding?

The forum is a place where students can ask questions and interact with other learners. The forum is moderated by Stephen Gruppetta and Codetoday Unlimited staff. (all staff have a UK-issued DBS certificate). Staff read every post.


Students participating in the forum must be under the age of 18 and we may ask for proof of age. There are rules preventing students from sharing or asking for personal information on the forum. Posts that break this rule will be removed immediately. All posts on the forum are public–there are no private messages.

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