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Stephen Gruppetta

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I love coding. And I love teaching. This is why I set up Codetoday in 2016 following a first career as a scientist and academic.

Codetoday started with me teaching coding to local children and teenagers in the corner of north west London where I lived. Later we started teaching live courses all over London and then across the whole of the UK.

Over the years, I crafted a curriculum that focuses on what I believe matters when learning to code: clarity, creativity, confidence, and a thorough approach towards coding without sacrificing the fun.

Codetoday Unlimited now allows me to communicate my vision of Python coding to teenagers all around the world.

I also teach coding to adults. Teaching both adults and children has helped me get better at creating projects and explaining concepts to both groups.

Let me conclude with a brief biography for those who are keen to know more. Originally from the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, I moved to the UK in my early twenties to pursue my PhD studies in physics at Imperial College, London. I had studies physics and mathematics at undergraduate level back in Malta.

After competing my PhD in 2004 and a short post-doctoral stint in Paris, I spent more than a decade at City University, London. My research work focused on developing novel technology to image the human retina.

I learnt and used coding during my research work, first as  a PhD student and later as an academic scientist. And now I often revisit my science days with Python projects inspired from physics or mathematics!

I look forward to teaching and inspiring the next generation of students across the world with Codetoday Unlimited. And I hope to meet many of my students in the forum and live workshops.

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